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Welcome to Bills of Cost

Bills of Cost - we ensure the client is happy.

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Welcome to Bills of Cost

Bills of Cost - where the client receives justice with every bill we do.

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Welcome to Bills of Cost

Bills of Cost ensures that we make it easier and simple for every client.

Bills of Cost - South Africa's Foremost Legal Cost Consultants

Based in Cape Town we have been providing an invaluable legal billing service to attorneys and the legal fraternity across South Africa since the 1970’s, making us the oldest and most recognisable name in the legal cost profession.

Before the establishment of Bills of Cost, attorneys had little choice but to prepare and tax their own bills of costs. This is often, a tedious task involving long hours of unproductive labour which frequently results in an under-recovery of expenses due to inaccuracy in an attempt to save time. Hence Bills of Cost.

From the outset the two most important issues identified by attorneys and legal firms pertaining to the preparation and taxation of legal bills of costs were time and money.

As our relationship has grown with our clients, we’ve been able to free them from the mundane and time consuming requirement to handle their own bills of costs. Confident that our billing solutions are saving them time and money, they are able to focus on other, more important, aspects of their legal practices.

At Bills of Cost, we  realised that as well as providing a solid and reliable service, we could partner with our clients in other commercial realities relating to their practices and the services they provide.

It is thus today the aim of Bills of Cost to add value to our clients and their legal practices to achieve growth, prosperity and harmony.

As we have been blessed with the great support of the legal fraternity over the years we feel it our duty but also a privilege to give back to our communities and we actively and financially give support to very worthy causes like Children’s Homes, Institutions for the elderly and the frail, NSRI etc. Without our Client’s support this would not be possible. SO THANK YOU!!!

Our Services

Preparing Bills
We are proficient in preparing all manner of bills, whether it be Litigious, Non-Litigious or Criminal.
Attending Taxation
We are well experienced in assisting to attend and attending taxations in the Higher, Lower or Appeal Courts
Opposing Bills
We are equally well experienced in assisting to Oppose or Opposing bills in Higher, Lower or Appeal Courts including negotiating settlement if so required.